Top Unique Places to Stay in Bournemouth – Holiday Planning

Heading to Bournemouth for the weekend is an absolute delight for the locals in the UK. However, for the frequent traveler, who have probably tried every hotel and Airbnb accommodation, there is always a thirst for unique places to stay. Most often, families with children find it very difficult to find an accommodation that is suitable for everyone to enjoy and stay safe at the same time. Here are some top choices of unique places you can stay at while visiting Bournemouth.

The Beach Lodges in Bournemouth

You go to a beach destination to spend as much time as possible at the beach. A stay that is away from the beach means that you can still enjoy the pleasures of Bournemouth, but the beach would require a bit of travel. The luxurious beach lodges facing the ocean is the perfect place for a family of 4 plus two kids. The beach lodges are the best of the best when it comes to seaside accommodation at Bournemouth. The excellent experience of enjoying the seaside facing decks and the luxury of these quaint, double story lodges are a perfect place for the whole family.

  • The beach lodges are available on Christmas and new years eve with prior booking
  • There are free Wi-Fi and TV facilities available
  • The chalets are the ultimate romantic destination places
  • Central to every activity possible in Bournemouth

Loose Reins Lodges and Cabins

Do you enjoy camping and glamping? Then, this is the places you should choose if you don’t mind being away from the oceanfront in Bournemouth. Gorgeous cabins are a part of this countryside based resort. The Loose Reins are also family and dog-friendly, so there is always room to bring your pet pooch along for your holidays.

  • The cabins are luxury style and add much glamour to your camping experience
  • Both traditional and luxury make-up the gorgeous stay at Loose Reins
  • Choose to take up horse riding lessons from the horses in the paddocks
  • If you love trekking and strolling, then there are heaps of trails to explore too
  • Heaps of activities can be arranged for around the area for both families and couples

Hotel – Celebrity

If you want to be pampered by a family when you are off on vacation at Bournemouth, then Celebrity Hotel is the place to be. A family owns the hotel, and the personal attention is what stands out the most at this venue. The most significant part of the accommodation is that it is merely a street away from the beach-side and is perfect for families with young children.

  • Home-styled cook by the head chef who’s the owner’s wife
  • Free Wifi and connectivity
  • All décor is celebrity-themed and gorgeous with a vibrant bar
  • Affordable food and drinks for everyone who stays
  • Central to several places of interest and attractions for those who want more out of their stay
  • Courtesy buffet breakfast is served to all guests who stay at the hotel
  • Easily accessible by train or by bus