Best Places for a Shopping Adventure at Bournemouth

Yes, it is a fact, shopping is a girl’s best friend. There are every reason and season to go shopping. One of the top places to shop for some of the quaintest things that city life would not offer is at Bournemouth. Pairing activities and a shopping expedition is the recipe for the perfect holiday adventure for anyone. Bournemouth offers a wide range of activities that skirt on the edges of your comfort zone, but it is also famous for the stores and businesses that are unique to the region. Several stores sell a range of things, from souvenirs to daily necessities, and fashion outlets that sell designer clothes. Taking a break from sunbathing or getting spa treatments and wandering out into the town can help bring some zen to days filled with excitement and fun.

The Town Centre Shopping Area 

By far the venue that caters to the shopping need is the Town Centre Shopping area. The town is a train ride away from Bournemouth and is known for its vibrant and pedestrianized high street. The center has a wild mix of well-known fashion brand stores alongside departmental stores making it a perfect area for lazy days and family nights. Boutiques and restaurants dominate most of the town with plenty of opportunities to unwind and relax after a tiring day shopping. Art and jewelry sellers canopy the walkways of the small city, and the Westover road runs alongside peaceful and serene gardens. The triangle is an area where you can pick up dresses for a big night at a party or get together and is well known for the bohemian vibe that it continually exudes.

The shopping area is busiest during Christmas time of the year. Christmas in Bournemouth is a true wonderland experience with decoration lining the pathways and storefronts. The shopping center is packed often with people who wish to visit for a few days. Each year a traditional Christmas tree wonderland is held at Bournemouth. The event takes place from 16 November to 2 January of the New Year. It includes a unique and festive trail lined with Christmas trees while listening to live music. Skating around under the stars and gazing upon the illuminations around resorts are also another tradition at Bournemouth.

The Vintage Quarter

The Vintage Quarter is a common name for the road in Pokesdown. It is also a place where eclectic goods and retro products are popular. The crowd that is usually drawn to the area includes a younger population. The atmosphere in the area is serene and calming leaving many in good moods. The Vintage Quarters is a landmine of shops that sport a unique sense of fashion, and also consists of bookstores and secondhand stores.


The location to Westbourne is a small distance away from the town and is more locally known as ‘The Village.’ The Village is quaint and holds small boutiques with a large host of departmental stores. The Village is a prosperous area and is entirely independent, with its artisan retailers and high fashion boutiques. Finding small trinkets and objects are certifiably a lot easier to find in this locality as it a famous destination for those who wish to buy a gift for a loved one.

Holidaying with Pets at Bournemouth

Holidays are a great way to take a break from your mundane routine. However, that may sometimes cause a problem if you have a pet. Leaving pets behind at home while on vacation is reasonably one of the hardest things you may have to do. Finding a pet sitter or an accommodation for your pet, you are equally both hard and expensive and leaving no other choice than to bring your pets along or decide to cancel your vacation. Luckily Bournemouth is a great place where you can take your pets with you for a vacation. So everyone can have a great time.

Places to Stay That Allow Pets

Although several accommodations and resorts are available in Bournemouth, most of them don’t allow pets. However, a few allow pets to stay with their owners while on vacation. Places that allow for pets to reside with their owners usually have rules that need to be followed for other guests’ benefit. Most of the regulations require that the pet stays on a leash and is never left unattended during any hour of the day. And in some cases, pets are not allowed to leave the room that is being accommodated by the family. Here are a few resorts and hotels that are available in Bournemouth that are pet-friendly

  • Crossroads Hotel
  • Shoreline B and B
  • Waves IN
  • East Cliff Cottage Hotel
  • Hilton Bournemouth
  • Seaside Cottage
  • Coastguard Cottage

Things to Do With Your Pet

The activities that you plan for the day will most likely allow for pets to be involved as well. However, to have a brilliant and perfect holiday, including your pets in several activities like going to the beach will help your four-legged friend kick back and relax as well. Some restaurants in Bournemouth don’t allow dogs into their premises, but doing some research before reaching your destination can help find a location that is suitable for your pet and your family. Completely activities that are available at Bournemouth with your pet can help relax and take the stress of daily life off of your shoulders. Some of the events that allow for the dog to accompany you at Bournemouth include

  • Hiking and trail walks
  • Beach
  • Cafés
  • Rivers
  • Restaurants

What to Do During A Pet Emergency

What happens when your pet falls sick while on holiday? One of the chief things to do is find the nearest vet. If there are none that are available during the hours. Seek assistance from one of the staff at your accommodation. Packing medical supplies before leaving on your holiday in case of instances like these, are proven to effectively help in reducing the fever or any pain that your pet encounters. If the situation is dire and your pet needs desperate help, seek assistance by calling the nearest emergency room as they will be equipped to handle situations such as this. Finding the closest emergency room or vet may take up a lot of time, so ensuring that you complete recharge on where the emergency areas are may help your situation.

Corporate Team Building Activities in Bournemouth

When equated to the rest of the UK, Bournemouth is a ride in the park. The area is well-known for its warm and energetic weather, unlike the cold and damp climate in the rest of UK. One of the most loved things in Bournemouth is the activities that it allows for its visitors. Several companies have their annual get together in Bournemouth and look for ways they can bring the team together and have some fun. Several activities can be carried out in Bournemouth for corporate organizations as well as groups of people who want to have an escape from routine.

One of the most prominent and most visited activities at the venue is the mountain biking trail. The trail is famous for its tough uphill climbs and its breathtaking views. Speed racing through the fresh and crisp countryside with all colleagues is one of the activities that is loved by all. Bournemouth is famous for its weather and its clean air. The air at Bournemouth is said to have healing properties and help with easing the mind from the mundane life that we are used to. Some of the outdoor and indoor activities that are available at Bournemouth for corporates include:

  • Walking and Hiking
  • Health and Spa
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fishing
  • Bird Watching
  • Archery
  • High Wires

Bournemouth has a bottomless pit of climbing walls that are situated indoors for groups to participate. The indoor setting is perfect for times even when there are rains, and the group needs to be entertained indoors. Escape rooms and other unique activities are also available in the area, ensuring that you never run out of things to do.

Centre VR

Virtual reality is all the hype these days. It is new technology and explores gaming in a different angle, putting the playing into the game virtually. Virtual reality at the “Centre VR” is another favorite activity. Playing and experiencing games in the arcade using a VR headset is another win for visitors who participate in these activities. One of the indoor games that the VR center has available is Tower tag. The tag stations that are included with the game allows you to play against other team members – a perfect place for teams to get into some friendly battle.


Escape rooms are great for groups of people who are looking for some fun while cracking codes. Corporate groups can sign up for the escape room at U-Escape at Bournemouth for a few hours of fun and mind-boggling puzzles. Every place in the venue is packed with unique adventure and different themes. The turns and twists that are in store for the players are sure to leave the group rejoicing at the end of their adventure. Most of the games run for about 60 minutes. However, some games can run for a few hours as well, depending on the complexity of the escape room that you are entering. As a company, employees are bound to remember their experience at the venue for years to come.

Nightlife in Bournemouth: Clubs & Bars

The Old Fire Station

For many young people, after a hard day’s surfing comes a hard nights partying. Luckily, Bournemouth doesn’t just offer some of the best surfing conditions in the UK, but also some of the best nightclubs and bars in Dorset too. With two universities that enrol more than 30,000 students between them, there’s a lot of young and excitable people in town – especially during fresher’s week festivities at the beginning of September.


Like any town with a lot of students, there are plenty of cheap options for predrinks in Bournemouth. There are no less than four Wetherspoons within five minutes’ walk of the seafront, so most will find suitably budget-friendly drinking options with ease. As with many Wetherspoons pubs, two of them also have strong historical connections – making a nice atmosphere in which to sip your £2 pint. The Mary Shelley is named after the iconic 19th century author of Frankenstein, who was buried in the church adjacent to the site.

The other is The Moon in the Square, which took the inspiration for its name from a famous George Orwell essay about pubs and was formerly the opulent home of Bournemouth’s first mayor TJ Hankinson. For those with a bit more cash, or the aspirations to be so, there’s also several highly rated cocktail bars. These include the number one rated bar on Trip Advisor, Be at One Cocktail Bar, and a specialist whisky bar called Smokin’ Aces. Lastly there are many independent pubs too, such as the award-winning Firking Shed or the quirky shabby chic Americana of The Sixty Million Postcards.


The two most iconic Bournemouth nightclubs that are still open today are The Old Fire Station and Halo. The reserve of students four two nights and week, and open to all on the other two, The Old Fire Station is – as its name suggests – located behind the original 1901 façade of the old Bournemouth fire station. With three dancefloors and four bars spread across this massive venue, most nights will have something for clubbers of almost every musical persuasion. However, during the Summer holidays when no students are in town it only opens on Saturdays and rarely hosts special events.

The other big unique clubbing space in Bournemouth is Halo.Built inside an old church, it certainly has its own atmosphere – as well as loads of guest DJs including Annie Mac and Solardo due to play over the rest of 2019. For a cheaper, and younger, night out try student favourite Cameo. This cheap but cheerful club plays 90s bangers, cheesy anthems and all the general WKD or VK soaked messiness you’d expect from a student club. If you needed anything else, there’s chain pub/club Walkabout, which hosts a dancefloor until 1 or 2am on many nights. And for your – er – adult needs, there’s also a well-known strip club called Wiggles.

Just don’t end up spending £1100 there in one night like these lads did. Be careful, clubbers!

Top Unique Places to Stay in Bournemouth – Holiday Planning

Heading to Bournemouth for the weekend is an absolute delight for the locals in the UK. However, for the frequent traveler, who have probably tried every hotel and Airbnb accommodation, there is always a thirst for unique places to stay. Most often, families with children find it very difficult to find an accommodation that is suitable for everyone to enjoy and stay safe at the same time. Here are some top choices of unique places you can stay at while visiting Bournemouth.

The Beach Lodges in Bournemouth

You go to a beach destination to spend as much time as possible at the beach. A stay that is away from the beach means that you can still enjoy the pleasures of Bournemouth, but the beach would require a bit of travel. The luxurious beach lodges facing the ocean is the perfect place for a family of 4 plus two kids. The beach lodges are the best of the best when it comes to seaside accommodation at Bournemouth. The excellent experience of enjoying the seaside facing decks and the luxury of these quaint, double story lodges are a perfect place for the whole family.

  • The beach lodges are available on Christmas and new years eve with prior booking
  • There are free Wi-Fi and TV facilities available
  • The chalets are the ultimate romantic destination places
  • Central to every activity possible in Bournemouth

Loose Reins Lodges and Cabins

Do you enjoy camping and glamping? Then, this is the places you should choose if you don’t mind being away from the oceanfront in Bournemouth. Gorgeous cabins are a part of this countryside based resort. The Loose Reins are also family and dog-friendly, so there is always room to bring your pet pooch along for your holidays.

  • The cabins are luxury style and add much glamour to your camping experience
  • Both traditional and luxury make-up the gorgeous stay at Loose Reins
  • Choose to take up horse riding lessons from the horses in the paddocks
  • If you love trekking and strolling, then there are heaps of trails to explore too
  • Heaps of activities can be arranged for around the area for both families and couples

Hotel – Celebrity

If you want to be pampered by a family when you are off on vacation at Bournemouth, then Celebrity Hotel is the place to be. A family owns the hotel, and the personal attention is what stands out the most at this venue. The most significant part of the accommodation is that it is merely a street away from the beach-side and is perfect for families with young children.

  • Home-styled cook by the head chef who’s the owner’s wife
  • Free Wifi and connectivity
  • All décor is celebrity-themed and gorgeous with a vibrant bar
  • Affordable food and drinks for everyone who stays
  • Central to several places of interest and attractions for those who want more out of their stay
  • Courtesy buffet breakfast is served to all guests who stay at the hotel
  • Easily accessible by train or by bus

Revolutionizing Surfing A Reef At A Time – Bournemouth Surf Reef

Thousands of tourists flock to Bournemouth every summer for some time in the sun and sand. Bournemouth attracts visitors from around the world, to experience a variety of cuisines, shopping joys, and entertainment along with tons of activities that are designed for the whole family. Surfing is one of the most popular water activities that every ocean lover dips their toes into, at some point in their life. To be able to catch a surf wave is one of the prime necessities to enjoy an experience out at sea. Now, waves need reefs to be able to help with the gravity and propel the waves toward the shore. So as to attract the surfers and ocean lovers who come to Bournemouth every year, an artificial reef has been created to simulate the waves.

The Newer Surf Reef Technology

Sitting in a bathtub one day, playing with the water, the inventor of the artificial surf reef struck upon an idea. He had looked up at the ceiling and saw that a light was encased inside a dome. He began wondering if he would be able to change the bathymetry of the tub by using the dome to create waves and got to work. He tried the theory, and it worked in creating a perfect wave that would be great on a larger scale.

Over the next ten years, Troy Bottegal spent his time researching and developing the product that he tried at Bunbury’s Back Beach in Australia. The concept as he describes it is straightforward. The ’Airwave’ as he calls it would be an inflatable bladder that will anchor by itself and stay at the bottom of the beach. The water that rushes over the bladder, in the shape of a dome, will transform into an A-Wave, perfect for surfing. However, Troy was not the first to come up with the idea of a surf reef. There have been several attempts at creating surf reefs, and they all have different purposes.

Bournemouth’s Surf Reef Leads The Way

Bournemouth, in Europe, leads the race in developing an artificial surf reef. While the attempts to invigorate the beach area of Bournemouth for surfing failed, the attempt was the beginning of many firsts. A New Zealand company designed the structure which was made of 55 geotextile bags that were anchored by itself to the sand under the sea. The bags were filled with sand to create the similar concept of the air inflated dome that Troy built. The idea behind the sandbag artificial surf reef was constructed by David Weight a member of the Wessex Surf Club. He proposed the idea to the Bournemouth council back in 1993 and called it ‘weights reef.’ Over three decades later when Troy invented his ‘Airwave,’ he took into consideration many of the advancements in technology and used advanced technology to research and develop his product. While the ocean in Bournemouth was unable to work with the sand packed bags, due to the type of current in the area, perhaps, with Troy’s Airwave concept, the idea could be reinvented.

10 Things That You Never Knew About Bournemouth – Weirdly Bournemouth

The summer and winter attractions aside, Bournemouth is known for some facts that are not common knowledge. From celebrity dares to mysterious findings, Bournemouth is for both the everyday person and those who want to do or find something unique.  Thousands of people visit Bournemouth every year. However, the locals are the ones who enjoy the best of the quaint town. Here at ten facts that come right from the locals of Bournemouth and their favorite city.

  1. The Beatles – The iconic British band loved Bournemouth the most. While the band played in all areas of the UK, they loved Bournemouth. The top places they performed at were Liverpool, London, and Bournemouth. The group liked the place so that the second album cover was taken a right in Bournemouth in 1963.
  2. Most Sunshine – While the beaches are the best to visit Bournemouth, the best part about the summertime here in that there are almost 8 hours of sunshine every day. The summer, therefore, attracts over 4.5 million visitors from all over the UK.
  3. The Weird Egg – A weird egg washed up to the shores of Bournemouth beaches in 2011, and the video was shot by the locals in Bournemouth. The egg looked like a colossal urchin and was smelly. However, when the local who found it kicked it, it was, in fact, an egg. The video of the strange egg garnered over 420,000 views on youtube.
  4. Amanda Holden – The actress was dared to ride around Bournemouth buck naked on a motorbike. For a measly twenty pounds, she drove around shouting slogans about saying no to crack. Yes, Bournemouth is the place for anyone who wants to dare to be different.
  5. Rolls Royce History – The co-founder of Rolls Royce Charles Rolls, died in a plane crash in Bournemouth. The tail of the aircraft broke off on that fateful day in July 12th, 1910, and his last resting place was in Bournemouth.
  6. Writers Galore – Historical writers, hail from Bournemouth. Robert Louis Stevenson, JRR Tolkien, Enid Blyton are some of the famous authors who was born and bred in Bournemouth. Book-Lover’s paradise.
  7. Ice Cream, You-Scream – Every year millions of tourists flock to Bournemouth, and the area sells over 750,000 ice creams every year. Bringing the grand number to 2000 scoops a day!!
  8. Arrests – The excellent train robbery happened in Castle Lane West in Bournemouth. The first arrests of the robbers took place right in Bournemouth.
  9. Winston Churchill – Churchill would never forget Bournemouth for almost having lost his life there. In the year 1892, the then 18-year-old Winston Churchill fell from a bridge in Bournemouth, was unconscious for days and had multiple injuries. In his later years, the labor leader Attlee made the historic call from Bournemouth that the same Winston Churchill would be the prime minister.
  10. Bournemouth Pier – In 1993, six bombs were supposedly planted by IRA was discovered at the piers in Bournemouth. Four of the weapons destroyed stores and shops. The police diffused the remaining on the dock. The damage of these blasts accounted for over one million pounds.  

5 Reasons Why A Winter Weekend At Bournemouth is Awesome

Everyone knows that beach destinations are perfect for the summer. People tend to stay clear of the beaches in winter and abandon their ideas of having a good time during winters. While most people stay indoors and prefer to wait out the winter months, in Bournemouth, there is much to do even during winter. Here are the top reasons why you can still enjoy the beaches of Bournemouth during the winter months.

Walks and Shopping

Do you enjoy walking and getting fresh air? Then the Bournemouth beaches are beautiful for that. Pack your camera with you for some beautiful photos and create memories that will last you a lifetime. Choose to either walk through the beaches or in the New Forest for some nature walks. The winter months offer a selection of shopping experiences that are not common during the summer months. After a walk or a stroll in the gardens, you can sit back and relax with some winter warming foods at the local restaurants.

Privacy and Serenity

While summers are always buzzing with activity, not everyone loves the summertime for the crowds of people who come to Bournemouth. For those who would rather spend some alone time or some time with their loved ones, the winter months are perfect. There aren’t many beachgoers. Therefore, the town center is always scattered with few people. Escape the busy life from work and use your weekend at Bournemouth to unwind and relax. The shopping during winter is also a great time to release the shopaholic in you. The selection of items available during the winter months is a great way to gift unique items for your ‘under the tree’ gifts.

Nature and Cycling

Winter months are gorgeous in Bournemouth. The frost comes in, and once you are geared up with the right winter warming clothes, you can enjoy the frosty mornings with a stroll in the gardens of Bournemouth Central. The scenery is gorgeous and something that you will never find during the winter months in busy cities. A beach promenade is also a beautiful place for a cycle tour during the winter months.

Water Sports


Water sports are best during the winter months. Surf enthusiasts will love the tides during winter as opposed to summer. Gear up with weatherproof wetsuits, and you can enjoy some time bodyboarding or surfing in the windy Bournemouth weather.

Performances and Events

Bastille, Jake Bugg, The Human League and Madness are some of the fantastic festivals to enjoy only during the winter months at Bournemouth. The ice rink also opens up and makes it the perfect place for families and couples. The gardens of light festival happen every year during the winter months and gorgeously lights up the yards. For children, the Bournemouth Christmas Pantomime is a great place to visit. The German Christmas market in December offers a variety of food stalls and excellent entertainment for those who want to get some Christmas shopping done too.

A Perfect Weekend Getaway for The Summer – Bournemouth Summers

Families and singles use the summer to get that much-needed vitamin D and a dose of tan lines. Weekend getaways are a brilliant way to get both some much needed ‘ME’ time and squeeze in some outdoor activity. Planning a weekend to the beaches at Bournemouth is a great option for anyone looking for ideas. Many bed and breakfasts litter the beachside areas of Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. Events are common during the summer time too near the town center and close to the beaches, so there’s more to look forward to other than for sun and splash too.

Packing for a weekend at Bournemouth is simple. While your clothes and toiletries are a necessity, other items will make your weekend even better.

  • Cameras – Memories are easy to capture these days. While some people rely on their phone cameras for their memory capture; photo enthusiasts can bring along their high-end digital cameras for several photo ops.
  • A Picnic Blanket – Heading on a weekend getaway, people usually tend to forget about taking a picnic blanket with them and end up buying one. Therefore, while you can get a Bournemouth monogrammed picnic blanket, you can also bring along your own, so you have one thing less to worry about. The upper and Lower Gardens are an excellent place for you to lie back and relax when you get to the area. Avid book fans will love this spot, for the serenity and quiet it offers.
  • Sun Block – Don’t let the harsh sunburn your skin and ruin your holiday. Pack a couple of bottles of sunblock and enjoy the whole weekend. A pair of sunglasses is an excellent addition to enjoying a relaxed and protected summer experience.
  • Umbrella – While you don’t have to worry about the rain, you will need some extra shade in areas where there is none. Pack a beach umbrella or a little popup tent for the kids and yourself that you can use for some privacy and shade.
  • Pets – Yes! Bournemouth has several beaches that are dedicated to pooch lovers. Several hotels even encourage patrons to bring along their pets for an entire family experience. During the summer, some beaches allow dogs to splash around, and the helpful staff at hotels will help with your inquiries.
  • Kites – Kites are a lot of fun for people of all ages. Make sure you take kites with you and enjoy the summertime to fly one.
  • Vinegar – For any insect bites or jellyfish stings, vinegar is a great solution. While you don’t have to care about the jellies at the beaches, a bottle of vinegar as a first aid measure will not be wasted.
  • Waterproof Cards – People who like to play cards better bring along a pack of cards that are waterproof as opposed to the paper variety. Whether you get on the sand or water, you can be sure that your box of cards will survive through the summer weekend.