Corporate Team Building Activities in Bournemouth

When equated to the rest of the UK, Bournemouth is a ride in the park. The area is well-known for its warm and energetic weather, unlike the cold and damp climate in the rest of UK. One of the most loved things in Bournemouth is the activities that it allows for its visitors. Several companies have their annual get together in Bournemouth and look for ways they can bring the team together and have some fun. Several activities can be carried out in Bournemouth for corporate organizations as well as groups of people who want to have an escape from routine.

One of the most prominent and most visited activities at the venue is the mountain biking trail. The trail is famous for its tough uphill climbs and its breathtaking views. Speed racing through the fresh and crisp countryside with all colleagues is one of the activities that is loved by all. Bournemouth is famous for its weather and its clean air. The air at Bournemouth is said to have healing properties and help with easing the mind from the mundane life that we are used to. Some of the outdoor and indoor activities that are available at Bournemouth for corporates include:

  • Walking and Hiking
  • Health and Spa
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fishing
  • Bird Watching
  • Archery
  • High Wires

Bournemouth has a bottomless pit of climbing walls that are situated indoors for groups to participate. The indoor setting is perfect for times even when there are rains, and the group needs to be entertained indoors. Escape rooms and other unique activities are also available in the area, ensuring that you never run out of things to do.

Centre VR

Virtual reality is all the hype these days. It is new technology and explores gaming in a different angle, putting the playing into the game virtually. Virtual reality at the “Centre VR” is another favorite activity. Playing and experiencing games in the arcade using a VR headset is another win for visitors who participate in these activities. One of the indoor games that the VR center has available is Tower tag. The tag stations that are included with the game allows you to play against other team members – a perfect place for teams to get into some friendly battle.


Escape rooms are great for groups of people who are looking for some fun while cracking codes. Corporate groups can sign up for the escape room at U-Escape at Bournemouth for a few hours of fun and mind-boggling puzzles. Every place in the venue is packed with unique adventure and different themes. The turns and twists that are in store for the players are sure to leave the group rejoicing at the end of their adventure. Most of the games run for about 60 minutes. However, some games can run for a few hours as well, depending on the complexity of the escape room that you are entering. As a company, employees are bound to remember their experience at the venue for years to come.