Best Places for a Shopping Adventure at Bournemouth

Yes, it is a fact, shopping is a girl’s best friend. There are every reason and season to go shopping. One of the top places to shop for some of the quaintest things that city life would not offer is at Bournemouth. Pairing activities and a shopping expedition is the recipe for the perfect holiday adventure for anyone. Bournemouth offers a wide range of activities that skirt on the edges of your comfort zone, but it is also famous for the stores and businesses that are unique to the region. Several stores sell a range of things, from souvenirs to daily necessities, and fashion outlets that sell designer clothes. Taking a break from sunbathing or getting spa treatments and wandering out into the town can help bring some zen to days filled with excitement and fun.

The Town Centre Shopping Area 

By far the venue that caters to the shopping need is the Town Centre Shopping area. The town is a train ride away from Bournemouth and is known for its vibrant and pedestrianized high street. The center has a wild mix of well-known fashion brand stores alongside departmental stores making it a perfect area for lazy days and family nights. Boutiques and restaurants dominate most of the town with plenty of opportunities to unwind and relax after a tiring day shopping. Art and jewelry sellers canopy the walkways of the small city, and the Westover road runs alongside peaceful and serene gardens. The triangle is an area where you can pick up dresses for a big night at a party or get together and is well known for the bohemian vibe that it continually exudes.

The shopping area is busiest during Christmas time of the year. Christmas in Bournemouth is a true wonderland experience with decoration lining the pathways and storefronts. The shopping center is packed often with people who wish to visit for a few days. Each year a traditional Christmas tree wonderland is held at Bournemouth. The event takes place from 16 November to 2 January of the New Year. It includes a unique and festive trail lined with Christmas trees while listening to live music. Skating around under the stars and gazing upon the illuminations around resorts are also another tradition at Bournemouth.

The Vintage Quarter

The Vintage Quarter is a common name for the road in Pokesdown. It is also a place where eclectic goods and retro products are popular. The crowd that is usually drawn to the area includes a younger population. The atmosphere in the area is serene and calming leaving many in good moods. The Vintage Quarters is a landmine of shops that sport a unique sense of fashion, and also consists of bookstores and secondhand stores.


The location to Westbourne is a small distance away from the town and is more locally known as ‘The Village.’ The Village is quaint and holds small boutiques with a large host of departmental stores. The Village is a prosperous area and is entirely independent, with its artisan retailers and high fashion boutiques. Finding small trinkets and objects are certifiably a lot easier to find in this locality as it a famous destination for those who wish to buy a gift for a loved one.