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Surfer’s Guide to Surfing in Bournemouth

Surfer’s Guide to Surfing in Bournemouth
Surfer’s Guide to Surfing in Bournemouth

Whether you are learning to surf or an accomplished surfer, there is promise for your hobby in Bournemouth. For people who are accomplished surfers, several websites will give you information about the type of wave and surf to expect over seven days with a report that is comprehensive enough for you to make the call. For those wanting to catch a wave for the first time, and are amateurs in surfing, there are always questions about how to read the reports or which places would be the best to break a wave.

Best Places to Learn How to Surf in Bournemouth

The top places to learn how to surf in Bournemouth are Bournemouth Pier or even Southbourne. The swell is perfect for beginners to learn how to surf in these areas too. For those who would not mind a bit of a drive down, heading to Kent would be a good idea to learn surfing as well. Popular reviews suggest that Boscombe pier is a great place to learn how to surf as well. However, the closest one to Bournemouth beach in Southbourne.

Several surf schools offer lessons to enthusiastic travelers who wish to learn how to surf in the area. Usually, the surf lessons run for about 2 hours and chances are you will catch your first wave by the time you are done. Many people are wary about surfing but have heard so much about it from friends and the media. The only way that anyone can understand the thrill behind surfing is when they try it.

While surfing is a great sport, there are other water-based activities that you can indulge in as well. Once you get comfortable with the ocean on a surfboard, there are activities such as kitesurfing or windsurfing that are amazing experiences that you can try at Bournemouth. Many of the surf schools have courses in other water activities as well.

Best Places to Learn How to Surf in Bournemouth
Best Places to Learn How to Surf in Bournemouth

Surfing at Bournemouth for the Passionate Surfers

If you previously know how to surf and you love the overall experience in Bournemouth, you should consider joining the surf club in Bournemouth. The club is specifically designed for the university students who wish to enhance more than just their professional skills. However, being one of the sunniest seaside destinations in the UK, the Bournemouth seaside, invites travelers from all around the UK to come and experience all the adventures and unique features, it has to offer.

The Wessex Surf Club in Bournemouth invites all levels of surfers who both live and visit Bournemouth. The experience of being in a surf club is to bring people with a common interest together without judging their abilities and skill. The Bournemouth surf club does justice to creating a fun and enjoyable experience for all members who are part of the club. Some weekly sessions and training are offered to those who wish to level up their skill in surfing and access to any equipment and transport that they need. Opportunities to join lifeguard lessons are also offered to those who are interested in being a lifeguard during the summer months.

Bournemouth for Families – Living in and Visiting Bournemouth

Sandy beaches. Safety, traditional attractions, and endless shopping experiences await eager traveling families to Bournemouth. The city center is strategically located within a few minutes walk of the ocean side for the wholesome experience for both adults and children. Throughout the year, endless activities and events are organized for the tourists and the locals at Bournemouth to offer entertainment and unique features. Bournemouth stands as one of the top weekend destinations for families and adults to visit any time of the year, come rain or shine. With a wide array of both indoor and outdoor activities, children are bound to have fun without weary parents wondering what they can do that is child-friendly.


Several hotels are located across the beachside and within walking distance to the beaches. There is a bed in breakfasts and gorgeous cottages for affordable costs that every family can afford and still, enjoy their weekend getaway. The train and road networks are fantastic and easily accessible for people who would prefer to stay closer to cheaper accommodations that are a further down from the beachfront ones. Getting to the beaches are accessible with the brilliant bus connectivity services that run throughout the year. Cycles are available for rental for those who wish to ride their bicycle from their hotel to the beaches too.


Anything and everything you can expect at a typical British seaside venue is what you can get here. Funfair rides and amusement areas are scattered throughout the pier for children to enjoy. While you can sit back and enjoy some surf and sand, there is always the added entertainment for families traveling with children. Sunscreen and umbrellas are the perfect combinations for safety gear when heading to the beaches to build sand castles and paddle experiences too.

There are soft play centres for the younger members of the family to play in a safe environment and an enclosed space. Indoor adventure activities and model villages are an excellent bonus for older children. History buffs can enjoy the museums and art galleries, while there are always the superb sightseeing areas to be absorbed. The Bournemouth area has a rich cultural and historical significance that is perfect for both adults and children.

Come night time, apart from the activities for adults, there are pantomimes, and West End shows at the Pavillion Theatre to enjoy. The entertainment across the town is excellent with live music and outdoor stages littered throughout, for the pleasure of the traveler. Several music festivals happen at Bournemouth that you can catch while you are there. Music acts on outdoor stages overlooking the beaches are a common occurrence too. Even during the winter season, there are enough and more activities to enjoy. From exclusive Christmas events to winter festivals, there are tonnes of activities like ice skating and Christmas spectaculars organized by the council. The food and menu is a treat to every taste bud, and there are cuisines for every palate to savor. Whether you are in search of a weekend escape or a long summer break at Bournemouth, the area has unique offerings for every age and size of family members.