A Perfect Weekend Getaway for The Summer – Bournemouth Summers

Families and singles use the summer to get that much-needed vitamin D and a dose of tan lines. Weekend getaways are a brilliant way to get both some much needed ‘ME’ time and squeeze in some outdoor activity. Planning a weekend to the beaches at Bournemouth is a great option for anyone looking for ideas. Many bed and breakfasts litter the beachside areas of Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. Events are common during the summer time too near the town center and close to the beaches, so there’s more to look forward to other than for sun and splash too.

Packing for a weekend at Bournemouth is simple. While your clothes and toiletries are a necessity, other items will make your weekend even better.

  • Cameras – Memories are easy to capture these days. While some people rely on their phone cameras for their memory capture; photo enthusiasts can bring along their high-end digital cameras for several photo ops.
  • A Picnic Blanket – Heading on a weekend getaway, people usually tend to forget about taking a picnic blanket with them and end up buying one. Therefore, while you can get a Bournemouth monogrammed picnic blanket, you can also bring along your own, so you have one thing less to worry about. The upper and Lower Gardens are an excellent place for you to lie back and relax when you get to the area. Avid book fans will love this spot, for the serenity and quiet it offers.
  • Sun Block – Don’t let the harsh sunburn your skin and ruin your holiday. Pack a couple of bottles of sunblock and enjoy the whole weekend. A pair of sunglasses is an excellent addition to enjoying a relaxed and protected summer experience.
  • Umbrella – While you don’t have to worry about the rain, you will need some extra shade in areas where there is none. Pack a beach umbrella or a little popup tent for the kids and yourself that you can use for some privacy and shade.
  • Pets – Yes! Bournemouth has several beaches that are dedicated to pooch lovers. Several hotels even encourage patrons to bring along their pets for an entire family experience. During the summer, some beaches allow dogs to splash around, and the helpful staff at hotels will help with your inquiries.
  • Kites – Kites are a lot of fun for people of all ages. Make sure you take kites with you and enjoy the summertime to fly one.
  • Vinegar – For any insect bites or jellyfish stings, vinegar is a great solution. While you don’t have to care about the jellies at the beaches, a bottle of vinegar as a first aid measure will not be wasted.
  • Waterproof Cards – People who like to play cards better bring along a pack of cards that are waterproof as opposed to the paper variety. Whether you get on the sand or water, you can be sure that your box of cards will survive through the summer weekend.