5 Reasons Why A Winter Weekend At Bournemouth is Awesome

Everyone knows that beach destinations are perfect for the summer. People tend to stay clear of the beaches in winter and abandon their ideas of having a good time during winters. While most people stay indoors and prefer to wait out the winter months, in Bournemouth, there is much to do even during winter. Here are the top reasons why you can still enjoy the beaches of Bournemouth during the winter months.

Walks and Shopping

Do you enjoy walking and getting fresh air? Then the Bournemouth beaches are beautiful for that. Pack your camera with you for some beautiful photos and create memories that will last you a lifetime. Choose to either walk through the beaches or in the New Forest for some nature walks. The winter months offer a selection of shopping experiences that are not common during the summer months. After a walk or a stroll in the gardens, you can sit back and relax with some winter warming foods at the local restaurants.

Privacy and Serenity

While summers are always buzzing with activity, not everyone loves the summertime for the crowds of people who come to Bournemouth. For those who would rather spend some alone time or some time with their loved ones, the winter months are perfect. There aren’t many beachgoers. Therefore, the town center is always scattered with few people. Escape the busy life from work and use your weekend at Bournemouth to unwind and relax. The shopping during winter is also a great time to release the shopaholic in you. The selection of items available during the winter months is a great way to gift unique items for your ‘under the tree’ gifts.

Nature and Cycling

Winter months are gorgeous in Bournemouth. The frost comes in, and once you are geared up with the right winter warming clothes, you can enjoy the frosty mornings with a stroll in the gardens of Bournemouth Central. The scenery is gorgeous and something that you will never find during the winter months in busy cities. A beach promenade is also a beautiful place for a cycle tour during the winter months.

Water Sports


Water sports are best during the winter months. Surf enthusiasts will love the tides during winter as opposed to summer. Gear up with weatherproof wetsuits, and you can enjoy some time bodyboarding or surfing in the windy Bournemouth weather.

Performances and Events

Bastille, Jake Bugg, The Human League and Madness are some of the fantastic festivals to enjoy only during the winter months at Bournemouth. The ice rink also opens up and makes it the perfect place for families and couples. The gardens of light festival happen every year during the winter months and gorgeously lights up the yards. For children, the Bournemouth Christmas Pantomime is a great place to visit. The German Christmas market in December offers a variety of food stalls and excellent entertainment for those who want to get some Christmas shopping done too.