10 Things That You Never Knew About Bournemouth – Weirdly Bournemouth

The summer and winter attractions aside, Bournemouth is known for some facts that are not common knowledge. From celebrity dares to mysterious findings, Bournemouth is for both the everyday person and those who want to do or find something unique.  Thousands of people visit Bournemouth every year. However, the locals are the ones who enjoy the best of the quaint town. Here at ten facts that come right from the locals of Bournemouth and their favorite city.

  1. The Beatles – The iconic British band loved Bournemouth the most. While the band played in all areas of the UK, they loved Bournemouth. The top places they performed at were Liverpool, London, and Bournemouth. The group liked the place so that the second album cover was taken a right in Bournemouth in 1963.
  2. Most Sunshine – While the beaches are the best to visit Bournemouth, the best part about the summertime here in that there are almost 8 hours of sunshine every day. The summer, therefore, attracts over 4.5 million visitors from all over the UK.
  3. The Weird Egg – A weird egg washed up to the shores of Bournemouth beaches in 2011, and the video was shot by the locals in Bournemouth. The egg looked like a colossal urchin and was smelly. However, when the local who found it kicked it, it was, in fact, an egg. The video of the strange egg garnered over 420,000 views on youtube.
  4. Amanda Holden – The actress was dared to ride around Bournemouth buck naked on a motorbike. For a measly twenty pounds, she drove around shouting slogans about saying no to crack. Yes, Bournemouth is the place for anyone who wants to dare to be different.
  5. Rolls Royce History – The co-founder of Rolls Royce Charles Rolls, died in a plane crash in Bournemouth. The tail of the aircraft broke off on that fateful day in July 12th, 1910, and his last resting place was in Bournemouth.
  6. Writers Galore – Historical writers, hail from Bournemouth. Robert Louis Stevenson, JRR Tolkien, Enid Blyton are some of the famous authors who was born and bred in Bournemouth. Book-Lover’s paradise.
  7. Ice Cream, You-Scream – Every year millions of tourists flock to Bournemouth, and the area sells over 750,000 ice creams every year. Bringing the grand number to 2000 scoops a day!!
  8. Arrests – The excellent train robbery happened in Castle Lane West in Bournemouth. The first arrests of the robbers took place right in Bournemouth.
  9. Winston Churchill – Churchill would never forget Bournemouth for almost having lost his life there. In the year 1892, the then 18-year-old Winston Churchill fell from a bridge in Bournemouth, was unconscious for days and had multiple injuries. In his later years, the labor leader Attlee made the historic call from Bournemouth that the same Winston Churchill would be the prime minister.
  10. Bournemouth Pier – In 1993, six bombs were supposedly planted by IRA was discovered at the piers in Bournemouth. Four of the weapons destroyed stores and shops. The police diffused the remaining on the dock. The damage of these blasts accounted for over one million pounds.